Signs that your horse may benefit from treatment:

  • sore / cold backs 
  • uneven gait or lameness that can not be explained by vet
  • sudden behavioural change
  • loss of performance
  • unexplained reluctance to work, such as napping, rearing, refusing, bucking, etc
  • stiffness on one rein
  • disengaging in canter
  • uneven wear on shoes 
  • uneven muscle development 
  • reluctance to stand square
  • head shaking or tilting the head

Causes of misalignment in horses:

  • accidents, slipping, tripping or falling
  • compensation from injury
  • landing awkwardly when jumping
  • getting cast in the stable
  • poorly fitting tack or rugs
  • poor foot balance
  • conformational faults
  • repetitive or very strenuous work