July 2013

OK so the house is in boxes and we are all ready to move into Stanley Farm on the 15th July. We will be offering full/ part (7 days), hunting/ competition livery services and rehabilitation. Based on the outskirts of Cheltenham we will be ideally situated for hunting and competing. 5 * service and care at all times. If you know anyone that might be interested then please do send them my way. 


June 2013

Its been a while since I updated this section but so much has happened this last month. Most exciting news is that the ball is rolling and all going to plan I will be moving in July to take over my own yard. The yard will be offering full livery, hunting livery and rehabilitation livery in Cheltenham. If you are looking for any of these services then get in touch with me asap to put your name down as spaces will be limited. I aim to have a small number of horses in my care to enable me to provide a bespoke service. 


April Update

hobnobjumping fbFor those of you with older horses, this is Hobnob my 21 year old first pony, this picture was taken on Sunday. 
He can get a bit stiff being so old so he has Devils Relief as a natural anti-inflammatory. He also gets a light treatment as and when he needs it (which is usually around every 3 months) as he has had problems with his pelvis in the past. 
Since I trained as a McTimoney practitioner and started treating him regularly I have seen a massive difference in him, and his attitude to work. It is like having my 5 year old back again. 
McTimoney treatment can be really beneficial to older horses as a misaligned pelvis can put additional and uneven strain on the joints. If you have an older horse and are not sure whether treatment will be a benefit then feel free to get in touch as I am happy to discuss things further.




April 2013

Finally looks like the spring has arrived. Maya is settling in well and Hobnob is off out to hunter trials this weekend having turned 21 years old, he still thinks he is 5. 

Now that the evenings are longer I am able to work later into the evenings so those of you that work during the week can request an evening appointment. 


1st March 2013

This week saw a new addition to the family. I have taken on Maya who is approximately 18months old and we think Labrador x German Shepherd. So far she has been out with me on all my appointments this week and is loving it. She is great with our horses and other dogs and is quite happy sitting in the car waiting for me while I work. For the opportunity to meet her just book an appointment with me.


8th February 2013

I have had a request this week to treat a horse in Somerset. This is a bit further than I would normally travel however if there is enough interest I am thinking of setting up a regular clinic. If this is of interest to you plase get in touch to discuss.

In other news I have just had a follow up appointment with a horse I treated when I first qualified and the difference was remarkable. 


21st January 2013

The snow has meant I have had to cancel all appointments this weekend and early in the week. It is just not safe for me to be trotting horses up when the ground is icy.

Many horses cope fine being turned out on the snow and ice however there are those which may find it difficult. It is important to keep a close eye on your horse or pony to see how they are coping. Deep snow will put a lot of additional strain on the hamstrings and these may become sore. Whereas slipping over on the ice or snow can easily cause a pelvic misalignment. 

If you think your horse may be struggling or has had a fall please dont hesitate to give me a call for advice or to book an appointment.