Carole McClelland is a fully qualified McTimoney Animal Chiropractor and Sports Massage Therapist now based near Tavistock, Devon and covering most parts of Devon and Cornwall. I also still cover Gloucestershire and parts of Worcestershire and Herefordshire two days a week.


McTimoney chiropractic for animals was developed by John McTimoney, a human chiropractor and has been used on animals since the 1950's. More than just an equine or canine back specialist, I use a holistic treatment which takes into account the whole body of the animal. The treatment is very gentle and uses a series of light and fast adjustments to correct misalignments. Animals are usually very receptive and even enjoy the treatment. 

A misalignment decribes where a joint is not able to move within its normal range of motion, in effect it gets stuck and is therefore not working optimally. If you have a misalignment you will also often get muscle spasm and inflammation. This can cause impingement of the nerves in the area and this will result in pain, discomfort or reduced performance. 

Misalignments can be caused by a variety of things within an animal's daily life. There are acute causes such as slips, falls, trauma, accidents etc or the more chronic problems such as conformational faults, poorly fitting tack, poor hoof balance, compensation for weakness or old injuries and many more. 

Whether your horse or dog is a pet or performance animal, by getting them checked regularly by a McTimoney Chiropractor you can ensure that any potential problems are nipped in the bud and that the animal remains comfortable and able to perform as required.

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